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heathfield | 09:43 Mon 28th Jul 2014 | Shopping
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I noticed that in our local supermarkets the contents of 200gms Philadelphia Cheese has been reduced to 180gms. No corresponding reduction in price though. Do they think no-one will notice?


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"Do they think no-one will notice?"

Or that they won't grumble too much... or that the grumbling is worth it for the costs.

They should have stuck a "now with 10% less fat" label on it :)
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Don't give them ideas, Ed!
Some people will notice, some won't- probably mostly the latter

Would a straightforward 10% price increase have been better?
heathfield: the size reduction is INSTEAD of a price increase. No doubt that people would moan about a 10% price increase manufacturers can't win!
"Would a straightforward 10% price increase have been better?"

But then it would be more expensive? :)

Maybe just get some mascarpone next time?
more people would notice an increase in price than would a reduction in size imo.
I noticed the change in weight of my Philli cheese from 300g to 270g but the offer to BOGOF told me I mustn't grumble!
Just had a look in my fridge. Still have 200gm that I bought last week. But yesterday I picked up a bogof offer of the family size ("now more creamy!!!")...and see its now 280gm instead of 300. I only ever buy philly when its on offer...its not worth it,otherwise.
Anybody who is that price conscious would surely be buying own-brand (much cheaper) soft cheese to start with?
You also need to be careful the multi pack, we always thought that buying multi packs were cheaper or at least the same price as buying singular, we have noticed a few items lately that are more expensive when buying in multi packs.
//They should have stuck a "now with 10% less fat" label on it :)//

And some poor folk will think that's healthier.

In terms of the price per gram it's actually an increase of just over 11% rather than 10%
A 10% price increase is something to moan about, but at least it is honest. A reduction is a blatant attempt to hide the fact that the customer is getting less for their money. There should be law to ensure the largest letters on the wrapper points out the new reduced quantity. Disgusting practice.
Being price conscious does not necessarily mean always going for the cheapest. If one has reservations about a cheaper product, or have tried it and consider it lower quality, one may well still look for the cheapest among brands considered worth purchasing.
OG: I think you may be confusing "price conscious" and "value conscious". Consumers who are the former DO consider price first..."value conscious" ones take other things (like size and quality) into account, too.
Not so. One can be price conscious having already categorised some products non-starters. Just because one if conscious (or aware) of price doesn't oblige one to always go for the cheapest.

Like I typed !
I don't will agree to differ.
....and I don't think it's a "disgusting practice" either....
You are happy from folk to try to pull the wool over your eyes ?

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