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theshedman | 11:31 Fri 27th Dec 2013 | Shopping
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Not so much a question but an observation. Is it just me that thinks that many but not all store staff have got to be very untidy. Many look like they need a damn good wash, hair sorting out and some a shave, there is a difference in designer stubble and not being bothered. When I worked in a store many years ago when first leaving school I got sent home for not wearing a tie and others sent home for not shaving, told to get it sorted then get back to work with pay being docked for the time off. I know things have changed but I for one think they could at least be clean and tidy especially when they are serving food. I do know that this doesn't apply to everyone as I know many do put in the effort.


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haven't particularly noticed this in our shops. maybe they are more casual where you live.

Look reasonable in this area.
Are you North of Watford?
Question Author
In Devon but have noticed it over recent years in places up north, in Wales and in Cornwall.
Not noticed this - food staff are usually governed by the rules for serving food so wear appropriate uniform, IMO.
If you pay peanuts,you get monkeys!
Question Author
Not really saying about the uniform as much as their general appearance.
any particular store?
Question Author
Not really I have noticed it in many shops. Maybe it's just me being one of the older school it's just that I think looking clean and tidy does not cost much. Just the way I was brought up.
Perhaps if the staff were paid well above miminum wage, then they could afford to purchase personal grooming products.

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Store Staff Tidyness

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