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Connemmara | 13:20 Tue 03rd Sep 2013 | Shopping
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Now I know there are loads about but am looking for one with the little release grill thingmabob on top of microwave to be on the side as the one I am using now whilst under my kitchen unit has loosened fablon from door.

Now I am getting new doors don't want the same thing to happen.


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sorry conn i have no idea what you are talking about
...nor me. By do mean stainless steel?
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sorry worded that very badly. I am talking stainless steel and the little condensation holes on top of the microwave.

I am looking for a microwave that has the "holes" on the side of it. Sorry, once again.
I know some of what is being asked.
Conne is looking for a stainless steel-type microwave with a silver release grille (or maybe grill is right) on the side.
Her current grille/grill is on the top and somehow (the heat?) this has loosened the fablon (some sort of stick protective vinyl covering on the kitchen cupboard door, so she is having to get a new cupboard door
Sorry Conne- I started typing 10 minutes ago but got distracted
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Factor you got that right.
I think she is having a new kitchen, Factor, is that right Conne?
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I am getting a new kitchen. Ta
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Morning Conn. I have a Sharp microwave, stainless steel finish with vents on the side. Loads on the Internet, Tesco and The Co Op stock them
I have also got a Sharp microwave with grill that has the vents on the side, I got mine at Argos,
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thanks mazie and jazmine - since I am getting my other appliances from Argos will at those too. sorry for the first confusing posting. as usual was talking to myself probably - lol
Hope you get what you want Conn x
i was probably the only one confused, but that's probably because my micro is around 15 years old. Never knew you could get them with a grill! Hmmm must investigate!
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no bednobs - you are getting confused - I am just wanting a basic microwave with the condensation holes at the side. There are ones with the grill but I just use either my toaster or my cooker for toasting.

I did have a combi, which includes conventional, grill and microwave but found I did not use it all. So back to basic for me. Conn
Hi bednobs- it was meant to say grille not grill
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two answers were removed - were they sarky.
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