How Much Should I Sell My Guitars For?

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DarkenedSoul | 20:13 Mon 22nd Jul 2013 | Shopping & Style
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I have a basic acoustic and electric guitar, only used both of them once before so there in perfect condition, I'm moving out of my parents house and there is no room for them in the new house so I thought it would be better to sell them rather than throw two perfectly good guitars away. I'm just not sure how much to sell them for.

Oh and I have an amplifier with my electric guitar and the original guitar bags for both of them.


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depends what make they are. Go on ebay to find a ballpark figure
i go to car boot sales and there are loads of guitars for sale i bought 3 for the grandchildren £7 50 with case £5 oo and £4 50 all in good condition electric ones are between £40 and £50
It depends very much on the make and condition.
If they are made by 'name' manufacturers, they are going to be worth more than bog-standard catalogue models.

Check out the small ads in Acoustic Magazine - available at any WH Smiths, and that will give you an idea.
I used to have a guitar I loved it .I could be heard walked around the road and public highways singing ...... wait for it ....... Love me fender Love me ...Sorry about that
ebay is your best bet for idea of cost, as you call them basic Im guessing they are not the big expensive ones? then advertise them in your local free ads paper
I think you guitar sell 30 price low if your guitar has not to much old. religious favors

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How Much Should I Sell My Guitars For?

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