What Are These Trousers Called?

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China Doll | 18:53 Sat 01st Jun 2013 | Shopping
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I've seen ladies wearing some nice trousers recently which stop at the ankle and I would like a pair. They're not like skinny jeans or anything that is tightly fitting at the ankle and there's no big flare. I've tried some straight leg trousers in Next but they don't seem to be quite right. I'm wondering if the particular trousers I'm after have some sort of generic name so I know exactly what to look for and try on?

Ta muchly!


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Capri Pants/trousers?
Peg Leg trousers finish at the ankle unlike cropped which are mid calf.
Cigarette pants I thought.
Google cigarette trousers on asos, sorry can't do links.
Have a look through Google images or one of the catalogues. You will either find out the name or have something to use to explain what you are looking for.
Loads here. They are my new favourite style but being 5' 4" means I struggle to find ones that actually stop at the ankle, petite are too short and regular slightly too long. lol
It would seem like capri and cigarette trousers are much the same!! Cigarette seems to be the modern word!!
cigarette pants.. if only I had the legs!
They are calling them cropped in an article in today's Times magazine.
For long slender legs only I would think (and for small bums!!)
Saw some today in M&S they were called 7/8 trousers
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Thank you everyone! Going through links now...

You know, I've been fart arsing about on here and had completely forgotten I'd asked a bloody question myself... doh! :c)
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£85! Bugger me! But yes, that's the right sort.

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What Are These Trousers Called?

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