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Jaimsieboy | 20:12 Sat 25th May 2013 | Shopping & Style
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I recently went to my local P.O. to buy some first class stamps and after telling a member of the counter staff how many I wanted, she then tried to give me the latest "Footballer Stamps".
I then told her that I would much prefer just to have the plain ordinary/regular first class stamps, (which were in the next page of her large book of stamps) but she refused stating that she had to sell the "Footballer Stamps" first.
Does anyone know if I am within my rights to refuse these "Footballer Stamps" in favour of normal stamps ?


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I would certainly hope so.
"He who pays the piper calls the tune", I think.

yes you are
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So would I SirOracle but it won't happen again, I think she was just being a bit awkward that day.


I only buy the packs of self adhesive stamps these days, are the footballer ones self-lick? That would be a good enough reason for me to reject them.
I work in a Post Office and whilst I try and sell the special stamps, which usually you do have to lick, first, if someone asked for the ordinary ones I would sell them to them. If the Post Office you went to is anything like ours then the clerk will know that she's going to have difficulty getting rid of the footballer stamps before the next special lot (to celebrate 60 years since the Queens coronation) go on sale next Thursday. But that doesn't mean that she shouldn't sell you what you want.
Pardon ?

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