Cat Food & litter bulk buy question..

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dalebillster | 22:26 Sun 02nd Dec 2012 | Shopping & Style
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Hi all,
Iv been taking unwanted cats in over the past 5 years and obviously as we take more cats in the bills rise. At the moment we are going round our local Asda store & filling the trolley up with cat litter & food. We are looking to try and save money by buying in bulk. Does anyone know where i can buy cat food & especially cat litter in bulk? Ideally by the pallet or something similar...


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Which area do you live in?

Near where I live there's quite a few wholesale places which sell items in bulk fairly reasonably priced. Maybe Google your local area?
Also try asking any local catteries or rescue centres.
cash n carry?

app tesco are doing a half price on cat food - might be an online offer.
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Hi, i live in Dudley, West Midlands, about 7 miles from wolverhampton. Il give the google a try. Hopefully even if theres a place more further away, surely if i bulk buy id get the postage reduced or something...
you have a costco reasonably close, is it worth seeing what they do?
Have you a local farmer supplier shop/country store like this:

Their pet feeds in bulk are so much cheaper than any supermarket.....
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yeah il certainly have a look at costco. Also, im unsure if i could get into a cash & carry or receive any discount as im just a member of the public & dont own a business
costco you just pay their membership fee

somewhere like Baileys, you can walk in off the street.....
have you looked on amazon (this is serious by the way)
we were in Aldi today and they were selling big bags of cat litter for £1.75 - just checked, you have 2 Aldis in Dudley.
..also, our Poundstretcher is selling cat litter - much cheaper than ASDA.

Jollyes have 3 Felix for £8 - etc - they are in Willenhall
Asda do Bob Martins cat litter for £5.74? for 20L. That is an excellent price if you can lift the back up from the shelf.

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Cat Food & litter bulk buy question..

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