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bibblebub | 15:17 Sat 10th Nov 2012 | Shopping
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I've had an email from Comet about stock liquidation and their site is the same http://storage.comet....lash/html/splash.html - what sort of price cuts are they offering? Has anyone been in one of the stores to find out?


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Was reading in the paper the other day that customers were fuming. They went to stores expecting bargains galore, but instead were met with a paltry 10% off stock.
I undere=stand from the papers that you can ger things cheaper from other companies on line
I`m going this afternoon. I`ll report back but as the sale started on thursday, I`m not sure there`ll be much left.
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hmm, 10% off is not particularly enticing.

Thanks all.
Shades of the Woolworths closure. "Customers were fuming"?
Sounds like they went in with their purses set to 'greed'.
Will any thought be given to the staff who have to put up with the vultures descending as their livliehood evaporates I wonder?
Went in yesterday for ink cartridges, £16.99 but 20% of so £13.60

Went to Currys, same cartridge £11.99.
went in yesterday very disappointed .we saw a freezer marked £134 99 and called an assistant who promptly took the price tag off and told us that was the incorrect price she then went off never to be seen again ,we left empty handed .
I went in my local Comet a couple of nights ago (it was packed and the car park was full).

For most goods it was 10% off (computers, TVs, cameras etc)

Others small things were 15% or 20% off (toasters, kettles, computer keyboards or computer speakers that sort of thing).

As others have said, you could probably get a better price online at Amazon or others (which I guess is why Comet are in trouble).

With the Comet stores closing and no chance of taking something back if it was faulty I would save your money and take a trip elsewhere (or look online).
Just been to Comet. Someone plonked an England v Fiji rugby match in my way which held me up, only for me to get there and be quite shocked. It`s gone! All boarded up already.
Went there a couple of days ago, only about 10% off their usual prices. A lot of the popular stuff not on the shelves. Currys about 3 minutes away were cheaper on most items. Amazon even better at times.

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Comet reduced prices

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