ebay - I've made a silly mistake

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jessiedog | 20:09 Mon 27th Aug 2012 | Shopping
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I have just realised that I have listed a pair of shoes as Clarks when they are M&S - I must have been thinking something else at the vital moment of listing.

They have 5 days to run and there are 2 bids. Obviously I must end the auction as it is incorrect but I would like to know how to contact the bidders to apologise. Never having had to do this before I would appreciate some advise

Many thanks


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Just be upfront. Contact the bidders with a brief message and withdraw the item. If you look at the options after clicking on a bidders name it will give an option for contacting them.
Go into your account and amend your listing description, in BOLD letters,
Explain the situation and add that if anybody wishes to retract their bids, that would be ok.
you can add to the item description even if you have bids on it and that would include amending the details of it i guess. try it.
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Thank you all for your advice.

Honestly, sometimes I really think I'm losing it!
As above, edit the listing and contact the bidders

I wouldn't worry too much about it
You can click on their username and select contact buyer, they in turn and withdraw bid if not happy.

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ebay - I've made a silly mistake

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