ebay refunded me for item, then it turns up, what should i do?

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adampember | 22:27 Mon 06th Aug 2012 | Shopping & Style
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I ordered an item on ebay which still hadn't arrived over 2 weeks after the expected delivery date so i went through the resolution centre which ebay emailed saying that they'd issued me a full refund, then the next day to my suprise the iterned up. What do i do? Did the seller refund me or ebay? Do i send the item back or keep it?


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If you want it I'd let the seller know so they can re-invoice you. If you don't want it any more then send it back to the seller.
The seller will have had the sale price taken off them by eBay so you could be refunded (assuming that you paid via PayPal). If you want it, the decent thing is to tell the seller and pay up - they can reinvoice you, or you can just send a direct payment to them by PayPal via their email address (under circumstances like this). If you haven't left feedback yet, you might want to leave fair feedback since the problem seems to be with the mail, not the seller.
^ PS selling "off eBay" if things are still listed are against eBay rules, but this one's finished as an eBay sale, I think you'd be fine sending a direct PayPal payment (but check the rules first, you need to be comfortable doing that).
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if you keep it and dont pay for it you are a the buyer and send them the payment
This happened to me I sold an item , it didn't arrive so I refunded the buyer. 2 days later it turned up so the buyer just refuded my refund .
Actually, you only have to make it available for collection if it was a business seller

Personally I would pay for it
But you certainly do not keep it without paying, it's not yours and it's called stealing

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ebay refunded me for item, then it turns up, what should i do?

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