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jessiedog | 10:42 Mon 06th Aug 2012 | Shopping
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Is there a way to get second class postage labels printed for sending off my items?

There only seems to be options for 1st, parcels and premium services. When I list the items I offer 2nd class postage and it is in the options on the selling forms, but when the items are paid for and I want to send it 2nd class, there is no option to do this. Am I missing something?

I have been going to the post office and paying there, but it is annoying as the money is tied up in my paypal account and I am having to use my cash or ordinary bank account to pay for postage, and this affects my cash flow. I know that the money is in paypal, but this does not help me in everyday life unless I transfer it to my bank account and I believe that it then incurs a fee unless it is over £100.

Thanks in advance


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i don't think you are charged for transferring cash, i've transferred 3 lots this weekend and each time it said no fee.
i have the same issue with the postage rates on the ebay labels and for the exact same reason, i need to use paypal funds but can't select 2nd class postage and so i'd love to see the answer to this!
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Thanks Dotty - I'm obviously not the only one then, we will have to watch this space and hope.
There is no fee for transferring money from paypal, even for small amounts provided you can wait around 3 days for the money to reach your account. I transfer amounts, however small, as soon as they are in my paypal account. At one time I recall there was fee for transfers of less that £50 but this changed a few years ago.
You do pay though if you select the fast payment option
What's the weight of these items? Second class is only available up to a fairly small limit so presumably wouldn't be offered if your items were above it.
factor the message i got when i'd clicked the transfer to bank option was that it would take up to 2 hours! didn't mention a fee, there better not be they already take a cut when it goes in there!
There is no fee, dot.
When I go on paypal account and click 'withdraw funds' I get these 3 options:

Withdraw funds to your bank account
Banks in the UK
2-3 working days Free

Banks in the US
3-4 working days Free

Withdraw funds to your bank account even quicker Banks in the UK
Typically complete in 1-2 working days £5.00 GBP
2 hours to transfer funds from PP to your bank?

It used to be a least a week!
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Since I last posted -

I have had a look at paypal and have transferred funds as there is no fee (I'm not sure why I had the idea there was a fee but must have read it somewhere) Thank you all for pointing that out. 2 -3 days I can live with (but WHY!!!!? I have done the work for them, and it is a confirmed amount being transferred electronically to a confirmed bank account).

2nd class packet is up to a kilo and I am just selling my old clothes so just offer cheapest postage to make more attractive.

It is annoying though that it is an option when listing but not when posting!
yayyyy just been up to the hole in the wall and the 2 lots of £35.00 I transferred saturday night are already in my bank! quite impressed with that, not least because i bank with santandaren't
jess read the email they send you., it should say 21 hours for checking then 2 hours to complete!
oj they said 2 hours from bank opening this morning, and they are spot on!
so chuffed with that I am taking my grandson to watch the dark knight movie now, not that i want to see it, but he is only 13 so suits him!
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Congratulations dotty, enjoy the film
oh and something else i've realised, if you relist several items at once when you submit them ebay give you a discount on the fees, not just the free 99p one either. so always wait until you have a few unsold and relist them all together by clicking the box on the left.

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