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cantatrice | 12:28 Mon 04th Jun 2012 | Shopping
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Hi all

I have a smallish, light brown, wheel less leather suitcase.
Is it worth anything, or should I just chuck it?



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how old is it? what make?
If you don't want it, put it on Freecycle. Might do somebody a turn. Seems a shame to just bin something leather, assuming there's nothing wrong with it.
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It is a Samsonite and is about fifteen years old but not used
on a regular basis
The minute you get rid of it, you'll need it.
You could show it to your local auction saleroom to see if it'd be worth anything.
try ebay
bung it on ebay
Don't chuck it - do you have a website like Freegle beside you? Anything I have surplus to requirements I bung on this site and there are always loads of people wanting what's on offer. Have also received loads of things. Anything to keep articles out of landfill. Freegle is a Yahoo site.
You should offer it to your local amateur dramatical society - they probably put on lots of old-fashioned farces where a suitcase of that sort is an essential part of the plot.

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