ebay - paypal, any extra charges for money from States

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jessiedog | 07:17 Wed 30th May 2012 | Shopping
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I have just started to sell on ebay and I have had a query from someone in New York if I will send to US. I have no real problem with that as I will find out the post charges, customs forms etc needed, but it has made me wonder how they will pay due to the different currencies.

Do paypal charge me any extra for this?

It is unlikely to be very much money as it is just a second hand dress,

but I obviously would not want to make a loss on the deal.

Any help gratefully recieved


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No, they won't
Your fees are set out as per eBay/PP agreement when you start selling
It doesn't get flagged anywhere 'Oh they sold overseas, let us hit her for extra charges'

Happy Selling and if you have any more questions about selling etc try the eBay Sellers board
just for reference, the no returns T&C is irrelevant on eBay and it will have many buyers hitting the back button
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Thank you for that, as you can tell I am a novice.

When I have a bit more time I will look more closely at your link to the forum as that seems interesting.

Best wishes, J
Without wishing to sound funny, I think you should go and read now considering you didn't know about PP charges
You could find yourself in deep water without knowing why or without knowing how to get out of it
Just a word of warning Jessie!

My neighbour does a lot of buying and selling on eBay and he reckons he loses money on one in four foreign sales with people saying they never received the goods. They order the goods and pay with PayPal and he sends the goods but they then contact him after a couple of weeks and say they never recieved them. He says he knows they did get them and now they've got the goods for free. However, he has to reimburse the customer as PayPal have a policy of refunding the buyer without any questions asked and it's the only way he can hope to preserve his rating.

I hope that doesn't worry you too much but he sells to customers in India, China etc. and there's no way he can prove that they did actually receive the goods.

Good luck.
Then, Andy, your neighbour is using the wrong postage. If he really has 1 in 4 say their parcel goes missing then he needs to use Airsure for tracked posting abroad then his buyers can't claim INR
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If anyone is still looking, thanks for your answers. As the cost of postage is so high I decided not to go with it and have sold the dress to UK.

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ebay - paypal, any extra charges for money from States

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