"You're Leaving to Have Twins" card

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queries | 15:22 Wed 18th Apr 2012 | Shopping & Style
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Does anyone know where I could get this type of card?


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why not make a personalised one on moon pig or truprint, but i have seen them in clintons or any big store!
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The main companies that do personalised ones don't have ones specifically for twins though
buy two ordinary ones?
they have gaps for you to put on what you want, and twins IS on truprint!
Get two identical cards.
I'd guess the websites that allow you to design your own, or modify one of their standard cards, would be a reasonable place to look.
If you wanted to scare them:

If not, the identical cards idea sounds pretty good to me. Do you know if they're going to be identical before they're "out"?
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Friend's daughter had triplets and I got a special card on Moonpig. Also got one for the proud grandparents. Lovely to be able to personalise.
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The cards were all congratulations on having had the twins - but no matter, someone made one themselves which was just what we were looking for - thanks anyway!
You could personalise one on Funky pigeon site - use a baby one then copy and paste a cartoon pic inside with twins ......and put a witty comment. I use that site all the time.

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"You're Leaving to Have Twins" card

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