ipod alternatives?

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SH99 | 17:33 Wed 11th May 2005 | Shopping
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Can anyone recommend an alternative portable mp3 player to an ipod, but with a digital radio? Don't mind the price, and am looking for the best reception, quality and battery life rather than a huge memory (similar to a mini-ipod in fine). Wasn't sure whether this was a 'technology' or 'shopping' question, so it's in both. Thanks.


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My husband has just got a Creative MuVoTX FM MP3 player. It has FM radio (don't know if it's digital) and can also store documents. He's thinks it's great. Look up the specifications on
OH, it runs on AAA batteries, dead easy to carry a spare round or buy more!

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I think he I-river ( by HP ) does that.
I didnt test it myself.
Thurs 12/05/05

I have a creative zen micro - it does everything mini ipod does but i think looks and sounds better, cheaper, llonger battery life and also good radio
zen micro player had the radio! they are small and cute and come in LOADZ of colours!

We love our Zen Micro. Super sound and excellent battery life - ours even came with a free second battery. 

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ipod alternatives?

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