Big breasted ladies... help please?

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Pinkpee | 23:34 Wed 08th Feb 2012 | Shopping
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Any of you ladies out there know of anywhere I can get a strapless bra in the UK with a size 48 D or DD??


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it depends where you live... there is a nice shop called BRAVISSIMO that does bras for large breasted women :) i hope this helps and I think they have a website, as it might be easier to buy bigger bras online
Id say online too- and as above xxxx
XXXX must be enormous
Parachute Regiment.
If all women had boobs that size men would be born with 4 hands ! ;-)
So sorry - my first link is a no no.
This is definitely your size
I was going to say Wimbledon but you got there first, owdhamer, and knowing that ummmm would be breathing "fire and brimstone" in the background and then foreground.

From what I know, DH Evans and Bravissimo though FigLeaves probably go up to this size...
What? Why?
hc - the Ample bosom site looks good.

Pinkpee (my dog had pink pee before he died !) maybe somewhere like John Lewis or Debenhams might stock larger bras..

I am a 46GG and find it impossible to find a bra that supports and is comfortable to wear. I usually stick with Triumph. ;-)
I have a look on the Woods of Morecambe website
which is where I quite often get my bras from (I'm a 'larger' lady!), but I can't actually see one.

Like wolf63 I often wear Triumph (or Fantasie).
Apologies, just seen owdhamer's post and nearly spat my tea all over the laptop!

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Big breasted ladies... help please?

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