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erin-x | 23:12 Thu 01st Dec 2011 | Shopping & Style
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My Dad is wanting a Chieftain Tank model kit for his Christmas and i've seen this one on Ebay..

This sounds really stupid but when it says new, unused, unopened etc... It will still be in bits eh? Just asking because some pictures on the other ones are of a made up model.


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It says 'kit' so yes.
At the bottom left of the page it says Ask a Question. Ask the seller to make sure it is what you want, before you bid.
That is a Tamiya .. and comes as modules.
Needs building : )
Ask the question now though, the bidding finishes tomorrow.
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Thanks guys :) I was going to ask the seller but I doubt they would've gotten back to me in time so i've just ordered it.. should be ok =s lol
isn't this like an airfix kit?
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Yeah... I was just a bit worried in case they sent me one that had already been built! lol :)

Deff a KIT
Hi erin-x, it's not a stupid question. Yes it is a kit, new and boxed. If it turns up and it isn't, you could claim your money back as it was not as advertised. I recently bought an item that was significantly not as described, unfortunately, it was something we really wanted, was a rare item and we couldn't get one anywhere else, so we kept it, but I was really miffed. I paid a LOT of money for it, but wouldn't have bit so high, had I have known it's TRUE condition. It is people like this that give eBay a bad name, but I have learnt something. I then saw something else we wanted, it was advertised as being in good working order. Before I placed a bid, I got in touch with seller. I specifically asked them, can you please confirm, BEFORE I place a bid, that this is in good working order? The item was IMMEDIATELY removed from sale. Say's it all!.
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That's the kit just arrived and it is a kit! Lol.. Thanks for the help :-) It's got two sets of instructions with it, a Japanese one and one in English (which we are going to hide, obviously!!!) haha! :D

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