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muchlovex | 16:02 Tue 25th Oct 2011 | Shopping
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Just bought a bike online and it will be delivered tomorrow. There is no store near where i live, so could not use the in-store build option.

Has anyone assembled their own bike from Halfords? If so, do they supply tool to tighten bolts etc?


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I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but this quote (from the BBC Watchdog website) isn't exactly reassuring!
"All of our volunteers struggled with their instructions and the tools often seemed inadequate for the job. All five made crucial mistakes that left their bikes unsafe to ride".

My husband has recently put together three and had no trouble - they were only little bikes though (think one might have had gears). There was some swearing but that was because of the 'help' he was receiving, not the difficulty. They come with all the tools too.
Usually its a case of attaching the front wheel and reconnecting the front (V) brake after the wheel is in and turning the saddle and handlebars to the correct positions (will arrive positioned so they fit in the delivery box). The more difficult parts will be fine tuning the gears and brakes so they work correctly. The supplied spanner/tools are usually rubbish.
A bit late in your particular case but imo I wouldn't buy a bike from Halfrauds...

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