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spotit3 | 21:26 Sat 10th Sep 2011 | Shopping
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Has anyone any experience of FitFlop boots. I have the sandals and find them really comfortable but would like a wearer's opinion on the boots before I buy as they arequite expensive.


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No, but they seem hugely expensive as you say
Hi,I have the short chocolate brown Mukluk and they are fantastic.I bought them last year and wore them all the time.Just got them out again. They hold their shape really well and are very very comfy and warm. Highly recommended. The price has come down a lot since they first went on sale.
I have just become the proud owner of a pair of these in grey. Haven't worn them yet, except for round the house. I wanted a pair more for all year round to wear with leggings or jeans, with no furry inside, and they feel extremely comfortable.

I an an arthritis sufferer who also has back and foot problems and the sandals have proved really helpful

Thanks for the link LL, I might get a pair in the Black Leather as long as they defo don't have fur linings, too hot for me.
A friend of mine has the boots and loves them. I have ... three .. pairs of the Supertone shoes and they are great if you don't want to wear the sandals all the time and its not quite cold enough for the boots. Don;t know how I ever lived without them, I never wear anything else (on my feet that is).
can you buy them in shoe shops?
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Thanks everyone for all your helpful answers. Snurfchop, did you buy them in a shop or over the nt? I can't find them in any of the shops here and would like to have tried them on before buying.

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