Guys and belts

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tgon | 10:09 Mon 04th Apr 2005 | Shopping & Style
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In 'correct' dress sense, when worn is a guys belt end supposed to point to the left or right?


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belts go on so that they do up the opposite way to jeans - the buckle points the opposite way to the bit of fabric with the button hole (think jeans) so for a girl, it'd point to the left.

Mine always points to the left. Doesn't it depend on whether you are right or cack-handed ?
not these days, with belts like this it matters very much which way you do them up, otherwise you'd look silly.

i presume you're right-handed fastbarry, but as a 'cack-hander', my belt always points to the left as well.

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No concensus on this then huh?  I've always gone right, the same way as the overlap on zips, buttons, etc point - girls being the opposite (naturally).

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ahhh see for girls it's the opposite way to the overlaps.

I agree with those who've said that it depends whether you're left- or right-handed, not on male/female. Surely it's more natural for a right-hander to fasten the belt through the buckle using their favoured hand, therefore the end would point toward the wearer's left hip?

I can't for the life of me understand why some (but not others) of my 'girly' jeans have the zip flap sewn on the right, forcing the wearer to fasten/unfasten with their left hand. It's a sinister conspiracy!

All I know is - my dad told me "never trust a man who doesn't wear a belt".

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Guys and belts

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