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Mrs. K Nolan | 12:57 Wed 20th May 2009 | Gift Ideas
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It is my mums 50th birthday coming up and i have been put in charge of planning - the venue, food and invitations have been sorted but i was trying to think of some things i could do to make the night more memorable for her. The venue is private and will just be us there so we can pretty much do what we like.

One of my ideas was to do adult party bags but i am struggling to come up with some ideas of what to put in them?

Any ideas on the above topic (the party bags), or anything else with regards to the party would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you in advance!


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buy some childhhod fave sweets, maybe toys from her childhood too, like yoyos.
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A few thoughts:

You can buy small boxes of very nice choccies (2-4 in each box), (Try

Go round boots and some department stores, and try to blag some mini samples of perfumes, aftershaves and make up.

Depending on budget, you can get some nice cufflinks at reasonable prices (try tie rack?), and maybe a bracelet or something for the ladies (try accessorise)

Then a couple of silly things, like childhood sweets as a previous poster said, and a silly puzzle.

And finally you could put in a sliec of Birthday cake on the way out!
how about a cd with your mums fav music on. I'm sure you could make copies cheap enough.

An old photo of your mum in a nice little frame would also be a nice keepsake for guests.

hope this helps

have a blast
How about knocking up some funny bookmarks. i.e include the things your mum has said or done to make people laugh/smile.

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