Christmas present for my Nan

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sarah81 | 12:19 Mon 01st Dec 2008 | Gift Ideas
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What do i get my nanna for xmas? She's 87, gets all her books from the library, doesn't wear jewellery as such and has got hats and scarves etc coming out of her ears.
She had pyjamas and dressing gown for her birthday, has loads of perfume and hasn't got or know how to work a cd player, so music is out of the question.


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A family photo of you all in a nice frame?
We always do my husbands Nan a DIY food hamper. You can get the baskets from flower shops, put some nice tissue in the bottom then fill it with yummy goodies. Christmas cake, choccy biscuits, nice mini jam pots, good teas/coffee, chocolates... allsorts of stuff she might like. It goes down really well. We first did it about 3 years ago and she loved it so much we just carried on. There's nothing that she really needs and it saves buying things just for the sake that she'd never really use.
What about one of the one touch can openers or jar openers, they might be handy if she is not too strong.
we made a book on photopix of all the family . she loved it last year. This year its a digital radio........I went onto the RNIB site ( not that she cant see but I thought they would recommend a simple one). Got my mum a cracking watch from that site as well. Got a velcro fastening strap for ease.
Does she feed the nana used to. We used to get her bird feeders and the bags of seed etc, as my nana didn't want anything and said she didn't need anything.

Or how about a nice bag charm for her handbag? Instead of jewellery.
A donation to a charity that would appeal to her. Maybe "adopt a duck" scheme from wildfowl trust or other organisation where the recipient is informed if "their" duck, goose, swan etc is caught and the ring number read.
A bird nesting box.
A small powerful binocular.
An amyrillis bulb in a pot, plus a tape & a chart to mark on its growth each day.
A hairdressing/manicure token with local or visiting beautician.
A copy of the local newspaper from somewhere she used to live.
One of the best gifts is time - many people would rather have a Mars bar with a hour or two chat than have diamond earrings.

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Christmas present for my Nan

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