Men In Dungarees

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spathiphyllum | 15:24 Thu 20th Dec 2018 | Fashion
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Yay or nay


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Probably not ...

Not unless they are spattered in white paint because the wearer is a decorator by trade.
Are you thinking of buying some workwear?
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Talbot i am :)

LOL dave!!
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AH not even some brown cords with me logo? :(
Why are dungarees suitable for painters but not electricians of plumbers?

Something I have never understood.
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Sorry -SharonA- I'm hoping mine aren't ripped. If they do get ripped though i shall replace them to keep up my quality of standard.
Talbot i am :)

Don't be hasty, I reckon your current work attire will last you at least another 6...7.....years.
It's the body inside the dungaree that counts!!!
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Talbot I've got a hole in me green jeans, i'm in need of a new kit
Yuk No - was put off for life by Kevin Rowland from Dexy's. Shudder
Their choice.
For DIY you're thinking ?
Overalls are a better option, they cover more.
Whatever they want to wear....why would I criticise ??
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OG for long grasses, overalls came to mind but they're a bit industrial

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Men In Dungarees

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