Official Merry Christmas Thread

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AB Editor | 15:47 Mon 20th Dec 2010 | Christmas
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Want to say Merry Christmas?
Do it here.

Want to "Sing" some Christmas Carols or limericks?
Do it here.

Want to get someone's attentions with a "FAO <Insert username> Merry Christmas"?
Do it in this topic.

Want to say Merry Christmas to the AB team?
You guessed it, use this "Christmas" section!

Merry Christmas!

Spare Ed


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Are you trying to tell us something,Spare Ed?
Merry Christmas, hope it's a good one!
Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous 2011 to the AB Team and all the Abers who frequent all the Threads on AB.
In that case, let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (even you Mollykins). Here is something jolly to make you all smile on this cold, frosty day.
merry christmas to jth and tony ted
Chicken and the egg tho Spare Ed - who looks in here? ;o)
ttfn - 6 people in 2 minutes so far
Hope your Christmas is a merry, cherry one and happy New Year, Ed!
At Christmas, the big ape King Kong
Sang carols clad in a sarong.
But all of his neighbors
would brandish their sabers
for he got all the choruses wrong
You said 'even you mollykins' as if I wouldn't expect everyone to include me . . . at least it meant I got a special merry christmas message.

Merry christmas to one and all, even you redhelen . . .
What if we just want to chat about Christmas? :-)
Merry Christmas to you too molls ♥

Ummmm - beat them at their own game - just head the posts 25/12/10 - simples ☺
Hope you all like this version by Stevie Nicks !
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I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my fellow ABers a very happy Christmas and a healthy and peaceful New Year. You all are remarkable people and I like mostly every one of you. *big hugs to all*
Is it too early to vomit?
Shush Crafty! :-)
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ttfn and society - Hope you both have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and the doggies send licks and paw shakes!!

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Official Merry Christmas Thread

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