How Many Lights For 6.1/2 Ft Xmas Tree

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mandimoo | 07:16 Tue 01st Dec 2015 | Christmas
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As above really. By far the biggest tree I've ever had, and don't know how many lights I need to decorate it. Not too sparse and not too overfilled!


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The American DIY store, Lowes (which is roughly equivalent to our B&Q), believes in piling them on, with a recommendation of between 400 and 700 lights for a tree between 6' and 7' tall:
(See the illustrations on that page to get an idea of how they might look).

However our transatlantic friends do have a reputation for being somewhat OTT in many things ;-)

This UK website (which, like Lowes, sells Christmas tree lights and therefore would like you to purchase lots of them) recommends 100 lights for every 3 feet of height:
so you should be able to get away with a couple of hundred or so (unless, of course, you like lots of lights!).
You can never had too many. I like big trees with loads and I mean loads of lights on them. I prefer them all one colour tho!
I have 400 on my 6ft tree.
I would say a minimum of 200, but I have 400 on mine 'cos I just love lots of lights. Always white and always static.

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How Many Lights For 6.1/2 Ft Xmas Tree

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