How far away is Voyager in light years?

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flobadob | 01:03 Tue 15th Mar 2011 | Science
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I was reading that the Voyager probe is now 74 billion kilometres away from earth. I'm just wondering how far is that in terms of a light year. For fun could someone give the answer as a reference to a real year, as in a month, or two weeks or whatever the ratio may be?


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Assuming you mean the "new" billion i.e. 74,000,000,000 miles, that is approximately 0.008 light years, an infinitesimally short astronomical distance...
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Not sure Mark of what the billion referred to for sure but I would take it that it is the number you mentioned. By the way, going by your 0.008 answer I put that as roughly 3 days away in terms of lights years. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Yes, three light days is the rough distance.
I don't understand the second part of your question "as a reference to a real year".
Don't forget that light year is a measure of distance not time. What ratio are you talking about?
Oh dear! I tried several times and made it 4.6 days. Oh well back to school.

Please Mark or Chris, could you do a rough explanation.
I get the same as you WW.
Speed of light is 186000 miles per second, so 1 light day=186 x 10^3 x 24 x 60 x 60 miles
so 1 light day = 1.60704 x 10^10
So 74,000,000,000 miles is 7.4 x 10^10/(1.60704 x 10^10)=7.4/1.60704= approx 4.6 light days
Time to don the Superman suits and be off to "Infinity and Beyond"
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So it has taken 30 odd years for mankind to send an object 3 light days. Oh dear. Guess we won't be bumping into Darth, Luke and co. any time soon. Unless they come over to see us.
Question says 75 billion KILOMETRES which is considerably less than 74 billion miles. So answer is probably nearer to 3 light days.....
Bit confused now - Wikipedia states that Voyager 1 (as at 14th March 2011) was 10.8 billion miles away so that would be approx 16 light hours....perhaps no-one knows for sure where the heck it is! Bring on the conspiracy theories......
oops - 74 not 75 in last but one.
Thanks sidkid for the correction
So answer should be 4.6 x 0.62=.2.85. Approximately 3 light days as you say
"an infinitesimally short astronomical distance" would be 0
well if the answer is 0 , then Buzz Lightyear would say ""Infinity and Beyond, Been there, Done that."
just commenting on the use of that phrase, which would be a distance closer to 0 than 0.008 light years
A staggering achievement whichever way it's measured.
This kind of performance from a machine made by a race that can't even empty the bins efficiently.
Yes, flobadob, where did you get that 74 billion kilometres figure from. It looks like it should be about 6 billion miles and so would be less than 8 light hours away.
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My mistake, you are corrects sirs.

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How far away is Voyager in light years?

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