chemical reactions

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sandbach99 | 23:50 Mon 14th Mar 2005 | Science
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Do the chemicals we eat or drink react in the body to form other chemicals, and is this process further added to with the chemicals we clean with, or chemicals we inhale etc.   If so what damage do we do to our bodies 


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Oh yes indeed, that's the definition of digestion. There are some chemicals called binary poisons, that are benign alone but toxic when in the body together.

The stuff you excrete, apart from the fibre, is chemically very different from your food as nutrients are removed. Your gut is a massive colony of bacteria that does most of your dirty work for you.

The skin is a water-proof barrier, but some chemicals may get through to cause alergic or lethal reaction

many chemical reactions go on in our body that is how we live we're a live chemical plant but only some of those reactions r harfull and if caused by something we eat we call that a poison

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chemical reactions

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