Star Wars Coruscant planet question

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JonnyBoy12 | 22:24 Mon 14th Feb 2011 | Science
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Most of you ABers will have seen all of the Star Wars films, and be aware that one of the main ones is called Coruscant. This planet has the unique claim to fame of being one big city, and also one big landmass. I would like to know if it is possible for a habitable planet to be one big city. Clearly this could not be so in the case of Earth as this planet is 71% water, but would it be possible for life, as there could be no plant life, oceans, or oxygen making plankton?

Hope you will be able to answer this vexing question for me.


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Where would they get their food ?
life is impossible without water surely
Jonnyboy, did you see my answer to your Trillionaire question
All the water was stored in vast underground reservoirs, water shortage wasn't a problem.
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Yes, I did thanks, alexanderd, and did think I was going to get more replies. Sorry about the delaying in replying, but do not like to see my own name on my own posts. I can not say I have heard of the work you mentioned. Is it still in print?
thanks Naz, didnt know that
You seem to be making an awful lot of assumptions about the surface, it doesn't mean there's no water or plantlife it just means that those things are incorporated. I'd say it's possible but like most Sci Fi not really practical.
There have been many science fiction tales with just such a scenario of a planet-wide city. Food production is usually based on fields built into different levels of the city, with crops grown and animals raised under artificial lighting. Plants, water, and life could will have been there before the planet was occupied by human settlers, but all have since been incorporated into the city.
Can you not apply the same theory to the Death Star in that case......that seemed to function pretty well. Although I would have a word with the designers for leaving that big hole that was just big enough for Luke to dump his load into.

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Star Wars Coruscant planet question

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