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Dozy-Mare | 11:45 Mon 27th Sep 2010 | Science
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If you injected a male subject with the testosterone from a Bull shark, a Silverback Gorilla and Rodeo Bull on a weekly basis for 2 months would there be any increased rage in the human test subject?


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Society i have to download your link, what is inside it if you don't mind me asking.
1. The idea that there is a simple,linear link between increased levels of testosterone and male aggression and /or rage is incorrect. When it comes to aggressive behaviour, testosterone is just one of many physical/pyschological triggers that are involved.

2. Your question presupposes that there is a qualitative difference between bull-shark,gorilla and/or bull testosterone and human testosterone. As far as I know, there is no qualitative difference Testosterone is testosterone.The only likely difference would be quantity.

3. You present Bull Sharks, Gorillas and Rodeo Bulls as somehow defined by rage, which in turn is linked to their type and quantity of testosterone. Animal aggression is largely defined by territorial and sexual dominance, and the pyschological and social factors are very much different - you cannot draw anything except the most simple of parallels between human and animal behaviour.

In short - I don't believe you would notice only minor changes at most in the male subjects behaviour. Any observed behavioural change would be due to the quantity of the doseage, not the source of the testosterone, which is an irrelevance, since all testosterone is functionally and quantitatively the same.
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Lazygun so animal testosterone could be used in patients with muscle wasting instead of relying on human or synthetic testosterone?
Well yes, I suppose.I had understood that testosterone preparations for medical treatments were synthetically derived, which are generally far superior - Controlled, regulated and high quality preparation, the production of testosterone analogues offering greater bioavailability, no risk of transmission of any contaminating animal or human proteins, and no risk of transmission of any viruses either.

I still cannot understand why you are so fixated on testosterone preparations derived from animals - Is there a shortage of synthetic testosterone products?

Also, please bear in mind that preventing or reversing muscle wasteage will probably require more than just doses of testosterone - resistance training, nutritional support,possibly even treatment with insulin or human growth hormone all may be required, depending on why the muscle wasting is occuring in the first place.
Lazygun.. a quick google revealed that body builders apparently use 'bull shark' testosterone so I guess that is where the questioner got the notion from.
I've always been fascinated by the fact that testosterone from a seemingly aggressive species such as "bull shark" are portrayed as ideal for bodybuilders.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As Lazygun says, testosterone is testosterone and it makes no difference where the testosterone is sourced from. In addition, synthetic testosterone offers no advantage whatsoever to naturally sourced testosterone..Synthetic testosterone continues to be readily obtainable.

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