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kellysoyer | 21:38 Tue 25th Jan 2005 | Science
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i need this for a science essay, but i am really stuck

Which groups of peopl are most at risk of hypothermia?

I'm thick, this is only for clever people...HELP!!please, please, help


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The elderlyand young children. The elderly often have inadequate heating or food and are more likely to suffer from chronic illness that impairs mobility. Young children (infants) mechanism for regulating their body temperature is under developed, so they can develop hypothermia in a cold room.

Hope this helps and its what you are looking for, do you need to know the treatment?

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I'm not saying this to be nasty, but if you consider yourself to be less intelligent than your peers at school - then why are you using a quick fix (i.e. the answer bank) to answer your query. Surely you would learn a much greater deal if you researched then point (not necessarily in detail) than by asking someone on here.

You are exactly what you make yourself - if you want to be clever, it just takes a bit of effort and determination.

It's also been proven that thin people are at risk too, heavier people can retain heat longer due to fat insulation and can generate heat better. It was on tv, Robert Winston program I think. 
The people most at risk of hypothermia are cold people.

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