How is human sound produced?

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Codybear | 03:22 Wed 27th Jan 2010 | Science
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Um, that is not enough information -
How does a human being's voice work?
How does someone sound 'human' (rather than emotionless)?
What are the mechanics of the larynx?
How can the human voice be re-produced on a music keyboard?

Which one of the above fits your question?
(Or are you really a bear that want's to learn how to sound like a person?!)
I can make animal noises under my arms. And there's the effect that baked beans have on me, too!! ;-)
I can shake a paper bag with my hand or bang my head on the desk - do you mean that sort of thing?
not forgetting the sound made by a human when he/she hits the ground after falling from a great height.
Or the sound of Cody screaming after reading these answers
I once trod on an upturned plug, that did it for me.
The 'vocal cords' vibrate the air coming out of your lungs making sound waves which we decipher as speech/song or in another-view's case, screaming.
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How is human sound produced?

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