Cockroaches? How old?

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bobthebandit | 01:11 Sun 05th Apr 2009 | Science
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Fossils found of Cockroaches are supposed to be 'millions' of years old. However these creatures have only ever lived (and can only survive) in human habitations, ie houses, restaurants etc.
This would indicate that cockroaches come into existence at the same time or later than humans, which in turn would throw the theory of 'evolution' on its head.


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Of the 4,560 or so species of cockroach, around 30 species are associated with human habitations. So we could say that 30 species have adapted or "evolved" to prefer human habitations.
Visit the tropical jungles of the world, as far away as you like from any human habitation, and you'll find c0ckroaches all over the place.

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Cockroaches? How old?

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