Why do I keep getting static shocks?

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Velvetee | 21:59 Thu 13th Mar 2008 | Science
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I'm becomming increasingly nervous as I'm constantly getting electric shocks whenever I touch certain metal objects.

I get shocks when opening or closing car doors, when I'm in the gym, I get shocks from the metal weights and water fountains and usually if I touch anyone. It's worse, if I accidentally touch my hair first or if I feel hot.

Do you think it could be the type of training shoes I'm often in or my clothing?


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I would at first suspect the shoes.Try wearing a different type to see if it makes a difference, is my suggestion.
There are many posts on this site relating to static shocks - just search.

Here is one that I contributed to, which might help. tion503056.html
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Thanks, I'll take a look.
The shock happens when the static discharges. If this spark exits your finger it hurts.

The trick is to ensure the discharge happens from your shoe. When you get out of the car hold the door tightly, keep your bottom on the seat and firmly plant your foot on the ground. The discharge happens there.

If you jump out of the car you ground yourself once again through your feet but the car remains charged until you reach for the door handle and whack.

Remember stay in close contact with the charged body until you can get your feet to ground.

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Why do I keep getting static shocks?

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