What a ' relief '

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Bazile | 21:11 Wed 03rd Jan 2007 | Science
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OK , I have got to ask this question - sorry if you are having a late tea
I have this dream from time to time , where i want to have a pee . I go to relief myself but I have the feeling that i am not quite emptying my bladder and feel the urge to try and empty it , but I cannot quite empty it because something is ' holding ' me back .
After a while I then wake up , bursting to have a pee .

Here is my question
I realise of course that it must be the brain that is stopping me having a pee while I am sleeping - but do we ( science ) understand how or what area of the brain is controlling this - or is this just another mystery of the brain that we do not yet understand ?

( Oh, lol - i've just got to mention this - on submitting my question , the following comes up to check and see if I still wish to submit it .

'" I know someone who is troubled with arthritic knees , she sprays deep heat .... "

eh !! - what's that got to do with the question ? - well it made me smile


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It sounds to me like your brain has developed a warning system for you when you are asleep. It is letting you know you need a pee by giving you all the discomfort but still retaining the self control not to wet the bed.

How scientific that theory is I would not like to put to the test!

In answer to your other question... erm, 'spray' perhaps has connotations with 'pee'... other than that no idea! But it made me smile too!
Oh yeah, just to add... it's your spinal cord that sends messages to the brain I think so perhaps that would have something to do with the message that you need to go to the loo but can't go where you are, (asleep in bed).

Again, not overly scientific but just a vague possibility.
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Oh dear - looks like i'm not ' normal ' - I was expecting a flood of people identifying with me on this one

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What a ' relief '

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