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pb100191 | 18:57 Wed 01st Nov 2006 | Science
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Hiya - No i'm not a drug addict but it was a catchy title :P

Anyway, i was asked to find out 4 drugs and write a description about each. These drugs can be ;

painkillers, LSD, Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin, Speed, Crystal Meth, Amphelamies, Anabolic Steroids, Glue-Solvent abuse, barbiturates, Ecstasy, GHB - Magic Mushrooms, Tranquilisers.

I would rather like to do Glue-Solvent Abuse :P I have looked on Wikipedia but it's all too long and complicated so i was wondering if anyone else could put it in easier words?!

Thanks - and response within the hour would be much appreciated.


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ha, that is the best yet. The whole point of a homework is to do it yourself and you already said you found the info. Just pick the most important bits and change the wording simple as that.
LSD - those lights look just like a giant snake

Cannabis - ha,ha,ha,ha, anyone fancy a sandwich


Heroin- lend us a tenner mate, go on just a tenner, i'll pay you back, honest.
You arent going to get anyone to write your homework for you, but this site might be simpler:
LFAO @ Dawkins! Perfect answer.
Question Author
All i meant was that if someone could copy and paste it in here seeing as i couldn;t find anyhthing, wikipedia didn't actually have stuff on the ones i wanted - Sorry
Well, what you actually said was that you found the stuff but it was too long and complicated (i.e. you couldn�t be bothered to read through it and summarise it) and wanted someone else to do the job and write your homework for you. Then rather than taking a hint and perhaps re-examining your study technique you make a lame excuse of not being able to find anything on Solvent Abuse on Wikipedia (as if it�s the only site on the net), have you actually done the word search or were you incapable of carrying out such a trivial task? There is plenty of information/links in there to more than satisfy you. Still from what I can see from your previous questions you probably didn�t have enough time as it seems you have a tendency to leave such things until the last minute.

Now don�t get me wrong I wouldn�t want to put anyone off who genuinely requires a study help and God/ABEd knows there is aplenty here. But, come on at least have the decency to do the research yourself first and then if you don�t understand something people here would be more than willing to help. These tasks are not just given to you for the hell of it, they are supposed to develop your research techniques, material/ information selection, ability to write concise summary and by doing so aid your memory. So stop slacking and do some work.
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Jeez, i said sorry - It wasn't an excuse, i had already DONE it and i was wondering if anyone knew of anything thaty they could just jot down so i could see if there was any more that needed to be put down. I didn't mean the stuff about long and complicated on wikipedia, i only said that to make clear i just wanted a small, short summary. Obviously i didn't make it clear enough - Sorry...again
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and Last minute? What on earth are you talking about? I always do what i can before and then post it AFTER
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Ok, I'll stop now, i'm getting really weird. Ignore the above two posts from me please. Sorry Sorry Sorry and..Sorry

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