Hubble photographs

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pixie_woo | 16:16 Wed 01st Nov 2006 | Science
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Spent my lunch break in awe of the new Hubble photos NASA has released. Has anyone else had a look?
I literally know nothing about astronomy but I was blown away by the clarity of the photos and the epic size of the anomolies captured.
Feeling very small and humble this afternoon.


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Then you'll be pleased to hear the decision to do another repair has just been approved - it's a bit risky because a shuttle mission to fix it can't get to the International Space Station if anything goes wrong.

This should keep it up there at least until 2013 otherwise it's batteries would have died
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Thanks jake.
I'll look forward to the next installment of photos, although I'm sure it will take ages (I may be humble but I'm also impatient).
Any chance of a hotlink? i'd like to have a look in my lunch hour tomorrow ;-)
As you all like Hubble have a look here:

This is the Bradford Robotic telescope - Not as grand as Hubble but they've taken some great pictures like this esults.php?id=0&page=1

The best thing is that you can play too!

Registration is free and you can submit jobs to the telescope and it will queue them up and do them

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Hubble photographs

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