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gen2 | 00:12 Thu 26th Oct 2006 | Science
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How do I view a non-question? Just below this is a non-question by big drew called sea. Obviously at least seven people have been privileged to see it because it has 7 responses. If I click on it I get a 'Page not found' error. If it has been reported and removed from public access, then why does the question still show on my screeen?

Question 2 (two for the price of one: greedy - eh what!) If it is a non-question, how come it has 7 answers?

I know this is technically a technical question, but it seems more appropriate to post it beside the question to which it refers.


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Sometimes there is a delay. It appears to be gone now.

The user you named has had quite a few threads banned this week. Probably wasn't worth seeing anyway.
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Yes, I see it has gone now, along with two other questions by the same user lower down the page. It must have been a glitch in the system that caused it to hang around so long after the user was banned. I only clicked on it because I was curious as to why a non-question had got 7 responses.
Big Drew placed the same illiterate question in about five different categories, and then proceeded to abuse anyone who answered it, calling them 'thick' because they couldn't understand his badly worded question.

Thankfully, it looks like he has now gone - though will probably return in another guise.

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