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jewett | 20:49 Mon 25th Sep 2006 | Science
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in cases of a ruptured appendix, waht serious membrane is likely to become infected? Why can this be life-threatening?


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Peritonitis - infection of the Peritoneum which is the lining of the abdominal cavity. In severe cases, the infection can be life threatening.As to why such infections can be life threatening, the bacteria and their toxins can induce shock syndrome to the body, and the infection itself can place a massive strain on the bodies resources.
My grandson recently suffered a ruptured appendix. He was released from hospital after the appendix operation but one week later had to be re-admitted because of the infection. He then had numerous tubes inserted into every cavity to release the poison. We cant make out why he was discharged after the operation if they knew he had a ruptured appendix. Maybe someone with more knowledge than myself can tell me?
The peritoneum is a SEROUS membrane, although as far as the patient's prognosis is concerned, serious is probably more apt.

Serous means producing or containing serum. During peritonitis the bacteria and/or fungal infected serum along with infected cells, pus and fibrin strands are released into the abdominal cavity. The rest is as LazyGun says.

Peritonitis can also be caused by parasites, lupus and other diseases and sometimes, abdominal injury.

I worked in a university a few years ago where a lab technician accidentally inhaled a large quantity of Hydrogen Chloride gas. This gas dissolves in water to form Hydrochloric Acid. Within hours of being treated in hospital, for gas exposure the technician developed appendicitis and her appendix ruptured an hour after that. Following emergency surgery she fully recovered but she sustained what was called chemical peritonitis as a result of the gas inhalation.

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