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sammd | 12:15 Fri 27th Jan 2006 | Science
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Why when we're 18 are we able to go out partying every night and drink alcohol without getting a hangover (or just a very mild one), but by our early twenties we already don't have the energy to go out as much and can get really bad hangovers?


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Because, when you reach a certain age, you realise it is taking you all night to do what you previously did all night!
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There must be a biological reason why we start getting hangovers as we get older?

In my experience, hangovers are worse when you have 'mixed' drinks the night before. or drunk too many drinks with artificial colours and flavours.

Stick to one type of drink, i.e. beer or wine. and you should feel less pain.
Another good trick is a bag of salted peanuts and a pint of water before bed.

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Thanks Bob A Job, but i used to mix and now i do stick to one drink. I have definitely noticed a difference with age :(

Egg apparently has something in it which helps hangovers - so a spot of scrambled egg in the morning is worth a try!

A good tip that I was given many years ago is never to mix grape and grain. So if you drink beer, dont drink brandy or wine and if you drink wine don't drink whisky or beer.
It's official... JudgeJ is The Oldest Swinger In Town.
Is it because we drink more. Have to say I get worse hangovers in the morning if I drink just wine!!
younger people's bodies can compensate for the fluid loss better as they are generally fitter and healthier.

One solution would be to give up drinking alcohol.

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