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jim38curl | 21:19 Sun 01st Jan 2006 | Science
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I dont know if anyone can help but for the past year i have been having a strange crackling noise inside my head just as im dropping off to sleep.Sometimes its like static and othertimes its so loud it wakes me up.A relative in the medical profession said it could be my brain "cooling down"what ever that means.

thanks for any replies



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Hi Sara,

I get the same thing sometimes, a bit like the sound of a crack of lightning. This happens just as I'm dropping off to sleep. I found a medical item once about it and it's not harmful at all. It's similar to what happens when the body sometimes jerks just before falling asleep.


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Thanks for your reply,glad im not the only one.suppose its something we have to live with.


It could be Tinnitus, google it in to see all the websites, caused by many things including earwax.
it could be the loose screw
It could be the bones in your neck clicking. I get that now and again depending on how I'm sleeping. Some people grind their teeth when sleeping too!
I've had this same 'problem' too - for years, but had no idea it happened to anyone else. I guess that the fact that we are alive and posting here shows that it isn't really harmfull. I have asked doctors, but the nearest I got to any explanation was that it might be somehow linked with sleep anoea - but nobody seems to really know.

I sometimes have this problem mostly when i am strest just try to relax

I have been woken up by a sound like a cymbal crash in reverse a couple of times, is this what you are talking about?

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