How Can We Explain In This Article Detterman (2004)?

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JohnAros777 | 17:55 Wed 22nd Jun 2022 | Science
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I come here again to ask, How can we explain in this article Detterman (2004) that people with the lowest IQ had the highest scores on the Sat test? In the graph, it is visible that most people with a high IQ do better on tests. However, in figure B it can be seen that there is a person with an IQ close to 90 with a higher performance than a person with an IQ of 120. How is this explained???

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Would it be more dedication, motivation or even education? And perhaps, shouldn't we reduce IQ to a viable expression of intelligence?


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Why are you coming back here again?
"There are no answers available for this question."

I'm not surprised.
I'm sure buenchico said last time that you had got the wrong idea... it shows the opposite of what you claim
So there loads of data showing that high iq people generally do better on Sat's and low iq people generally score less on Sat's...but your focusing on just one person that went against the trend. Why would you bother with one person's scores and ignore all the many other's. Maybe it was a record error.. maybe they cheated on the Sat's...or their school helped them...
You have completely misunderstood the article. It does not imply that lower IQs lead to higher SATs and vice versa, it says that the correlation breaks down for values outside the normal range so that very high IQs will predict lower *than expected* SATs, and vice versa. In other words, it highlights a problem with the methodology.

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How Can We Explain In This Article Detterman (2004)?

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