Will I Get Cancer Of The Penis?

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BM92 | 18:16 Sun 29th May 2022 | Science
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I did something pretty dumb, after a few drinks. I am based in the UK, and went to an escort who was Chinese. I had protected sex, and she supplied me with a condom, she was very adamant about use of a condom, which was a good sign.
However, she gave me a blow .job without a condom first. I am seeing a clinician for tests, and everything seems fine atm no positive tests of STDs.
I’m a bit worried about HPV though, and heard it can cause many types of cancer including; penile cancer.
I’ve no genital warts, which I’ve heard can increase the risk.
I’ve heard that HPV also carries no symptoms, but they usually leave the body without causing any harm/damage after two years.
I did ask her if she was clean, and she insisted she was.
Should I be worried?????


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It's very likely that you will.
Too late now for you, but the old slogan, Clean living is the real answer, would have saved you.
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Funniest question ever on AB.
Well if you're worrying about this at least it probably means you're no longer worrying about getting an STI.
Ignore the wind-up merchants above!

Penile cancer is extremely rare and, while half of all cases can be linked to HPV, the other half are unrelated to it.

Most importantly though (and this is a direct quote from the NHS website): "Most people affected by HPV will not get penile cancer".

Penile cancer is serious.
Wind ups about it arnt....
Question Author
It’s ok, I’m not taking any notice of these

Thank you for your answer, that makes me feel a little reassured.
Ooooh, very Frankie Boyle
Ask Boris.
Oh Gulliver
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is this the one you cheated on your girlfriend with?

And asked about last week?

The answer is still: it's possible but highly unlikely. Stay with your girlfriend and your forthcoming baby and don't do anything silly again with someone you don't know.

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Everyone, given the chance, will cheat.....
Their might be guilt, their might be regret,
we dont even want to do it....
but we are human and if someone other shows us affection that we dont otherwise get we will be like moth to a flame.

I am now both a Satan to the religionists and Pariah to the righteous atheists.
Hell...I'm doomed all ways!!!

You need not worry. I have done the same thing and had some STD tests at the hospital and was all clear. Cancer is not common and if anything goes odd with it report it soon, and the treatment these days is very good.
It is your guilty conscience that is making you panic.
As long as you don't have unprotected sex with your girlfriend or anyone else until you are certain you are not infected, just put it behind you and get on with your life.
By the way, I don't agree that everyone would cheat on their partner given the opportunity. I never have and never would although I have been tempted.
Question Author
Neither do I Barry, I know plenty of mates of mine that would never do it given the chance, and I can personally tel people straight they wouldn’t.

Baldie is talking out his ar***
Think he’s upset about his next colonoscopy job
Everyone given the chance will cheat?…hogwash, rubbish, and nonsense. Not everyone by a long way. I have had several opportunities to betray the woman I love. The choice of betrayal for a furtive encounter was very easy to reject. Men are polygamous, and women are monogamous is a trite inaccurate statement.
//Baldie is talking out his ar***//
Says the guy who cheated.....

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