Will I Get Cancer Of The Penis?

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BM92 | 18:16 Sun 29th May 2022 | Science
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I did something pretty dumb, after a few drinks. I am based in the UK, and went to an escort who was Chinese. I had protected sex, and she supplied me with a condom, she was very adamant about use of a condom, which was a good sign.
However, she gave me a blow .job without a condom first. I am seeing a clinician for tests, and everything seems fine atm no positive tests of STDs.
I’m a bit worried about HPV though, and heard it can cause many types of cancer including; penile cancer.
I’ve no genital warts, which I’ve heard can increase the risk.
I’ve heard that HPV also carries no symptoms, but they usually leave the body without causing any harm/damage after two years.
I did ask her if she was clean, and she insisted she was.
Should I be worried?????


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//Men are polygamous, and women are monogamous is a trite inaccurate statement//
No its not.

Men produce many thousands of sperm in any one go.
Men are capable of many Erections per day.
Men are capable of penetrating many females per day.

Women ovulate once a month.
Women only produce 1 egg per month.
Women can carry only one child at a time
(For 9 month at that)

Basic biology...

The psychology of it all is another thing....
I'm not advocating promiscuity.
Read some Desmond Morris!!
Women don't need to ovulate to copulate.
//Women don't need to ovulate to copulate//
I learnt that one early life....
''In life'' that should have read.
And what on Earth has my troubles with a bleedin backside got to do with your troubles about keeping your nether regions in your pant with a Chinese Hooker?
no you will not get ca penis

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