Can You Catch An Sti Or Hpv From A ***?

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BM92 | 13:38 Wed 25th May 2022 | Science
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I live in the UK, I had protected vaginal sex with a Chinese escort, but she gave me oral unprotected.

Could I catch HPV?

I’m seeing a clinician, and getting tested for all stds, so everything appears to be normal.

I know HPV doesn’t always cause symptoms, and is linked to several types of cancer, which I’m concerned about.


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Clean living is the real answer.
//Clean living is the real answer.//
Bit too late for the OP.
Yes, you can catch diseases from oral sex
your mouth could fall's amazing what clinicians can pass on.
Ask the clinician.
Question Author
Does anyone actually read questions properly here? She gave me the BJ oral
I am lost as to what you are asking. Perhaps your question is not clear?

Either way I suggest you seek the advise of a medical professional. Asking for medical advise on a web forum is not a good idea.
// She gave me the BJ oral//
Who did, your posts read as though it was the Chinese escort, in which case there is nothing wrong with the answers.
Question Author
OMG I cannot face palm any harder than I am now.
So she gave me oral, not the other way around
You are a naughty boy. As I said earlier, Clean living is the only answer.
I think you'll be fine, as long as she flossed.

Was she from Wang Dong province by any chance?
We know that she gave you oral sex.The answers given are still apposite.
We have all sussed out you are a man who had standard protected vaginal sex with a woman and she gave you a BJ. Everyone has answered helpfully. Barry's link shows you can get infected on your genitals from her mouth. You are so uptight about it all why didn't you think about this at the time?
If she had a disease she could have passed it to you when she gave you oral.
I don't know why you are having trouble understanding the answers.
I had sex : can I get a sexually transmitted disease?
er - yes
more specifically

The strains of HPV found in the mouth are almost exclusively transmitted through sexual contact, so oral sex is likely to be the cause.30 Mar 2021

Your clinician will have told you this wont he?
he didnt say - I have no idea why you are here....

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Can You Catch An Sti Or Hpv From A ***?

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