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ChipSkylark3220 | 00:11 Thu 28th Oct 2021 | Science
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Suppose a concave mirror with a radius of 12 cm is placed a distance of 4 cm from a 5 cm tall object.
a. Draw a ray diagram of the situation to show where the image of the object will be. Will it be upright or inverted? Real or virtual?
b. Calculate the location of the image
c. Calculate the height of the image
I am not sure how to do part a.
For b I got -0.02m, For focal length I got -1/0.06. Is f supposed to be positive?
For c I got 0.025m


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I hated ray diagrams when we did them in what's now called Year 7 in the UK (= US 6th Grade) and I hated them when I taught secondary school Physics a decade or so later. However this Youtube video might help you with part (a) of the question:
sheesh, this is year 7???
my daughter's not long from Y7 and she still struggles with place value and column addition!
Not year 7 bednobs ay my comp school , vaguely remember it in GCSE level physics in year 10/11, concave and convex lenses and mirrors and 1/u +1/v= 1/f but it was a step too far
I used to love ray tracing

the big secret is: you do a diagram, and any ray parallel to the x axis is bounced thro the focal point - that is the brown line

as for your second part
none of us better answer - there are two conventions RIP NCCC ( real-is-positive ) or ( New cartesian coordinate convention) and they give opposite answers ( neg means imaginary image OR distance from observer)

pay more attention to your lessons rather than asking us who did it 50 y ago !

( and we all probably did it in cms as the metric system was then CGS and jjust changing ( to MKS then rationalised MKS and then SI )
This is quite good
the focal length is half the radius
The image ( convex ) will be real and inverted
this is quite good - - BUT uses Real-is-positive BUT if you are being taught a difft system it will be nonsense

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