Once You Have A Negative Pcr If That A Likely Future Outcome?

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squips | 14:39 Mon 26th Jul 2021 | Science
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So..we have all just had covid but need to have a PCR to fly back to our country of residence. Once there, during hotel quarantine we will have to be tested again. I have read false positives are possible for 90 days after Covid. So my question is....if we all fly with a negative PCR, what are the chances of a false positive PCR later on? This would be a disaster for us. Thanks!


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My daughter was told the same. And she isolated from work after a positive test- but after isolation she returned, and they said there was no point doing any further tests.
Keep any proof and dates of when you "did" have it- so they should realise.
The only other option i can think of, unless anyone else says otherwise, is to get antibodies tested, so you can show you had it and recovered.

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Once You Have A Negative Pcr If That A Likely Future Outcome?

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