Are Ufos Real ?. I Mean Aliens.

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William51 | 14:47 Fri 18th Jun 2021 | Science
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I hve not yet but would would like to see a convincing UFO to find out if they are real. There is so much evidence of sightings and odd occurrencies that make them a possibility. Have you seen one ?. Or what do you think ?.


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Yeah Dave I really do think it’s highly likely. (Even tho I’ve never seen a “ufo” of any description Humans have tentatively “explored” (I used the term loosely) a mere fraction of the cosmos. We’ve no idea what else is out there. I just find it feasible that there’s other life forms out there too.
20:04 Fri 18th Jun 2021
not real
UFO's yes by definition, it moved far too erratically to be a conventional aircraft (or weather balloon ;-) this was many years ago before I even took an intrest in the subject, My mate was stood stead fast on a road staring at something having asked him 'what you looking at' no reply, my eyes had already followed his as to wear. Neither of us could tell what it was. As for little green men... I still couldn't say what it was to this day too bright to make out a shape.
The oddest thing I have seen was from my back garden in West London a couple of years ago when I was putting a heet on the clothes line one afternoon. A sinister black orb moving steadily across the sky apparently a few hundred feet max above the ground, dead straight line, moderate speed, no odd manoeuvres, no noise, no wings, no trail. I presume it was most likely a drone, but who knows.

USA have been releasing videos in the last few years, but they are not apparently bragging about their secret stuff and are not asccusing foreign terrestrial powers.

I've seen so much online stuff about this topic that I would not be at all surprised if there is something not understood about all the sightings. One of my favourites is the buzzing of the Capitol back in the fifties by a number of apparent flying objects.
" A sinister black orb"

What was so sinister about it?
bring me an alien then I'll believe
Aliens exist, but I doubt they are among us or ever have been ...
By UFO's I categorise into 3 groups:

Secret military - definitely
Scientific unexplained natural phenomena - definitely
Alien life form - highly possibly
dave; a black orb moving silently across the sky is by definition 'sinister'. Don't you ever read UFO books?
"Don't you ever read UFO books?"

No - I prefer non-fiction!
Lots of schools of thought on this one.

1) Google the Drake Equation, which next to proves that the mathematical probability of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is so high that the idea that there isn't really isn't worth considering.

2) Given the Drake Equation, the likelihood of alien visitation is next to zero given the huge distances involved, barring wormholes and discovering some way of accelerating a body the size of a space ship past the speed of light.

3) Given the Drake Equation, and the leap of faith that another civilisation has invented "warp drive", there's absolutely no guarantee that they'd be benevolent! They might be on the hunt for treasure, or slaves. After all, humanity does have a bit of previous in that department.
"I believe" I doubt", these are all expressions of whatever prejudices we have. You need to examine the evidence to try to make a sensible diagnosis. Unfortunately, the evidence is so corrupted by the ease of producing photographic images or plausible testimony, and by the motivations of unreliable witnesses, that sensible diagnosis is virtually impossible - first person eye-witness evidence is all you can rely on, and that can't be relied on too much unless it is absolutely stunning and in defiance of other explanation. And, of course, you might just be a nutter, so you can't win, really.
William51 - Google terms such as "enki". "anunnaki" "ancient sumarian aliens" "slave species of the gods"

It's all fascinating and food for thought.

You never will see a convincing UFO, William. Reading all the crap in the world just won't change that.
Inter_dimensional travel maybe? I’ve seen a beaut with several witnesses.
Mangalores - "If it's war they want, it's war they'll get!"
eve; I'm tempted to say that if you believe in one god you'll believe in any god. None of them has any decent evidence to prove they exist. I personally am fascinated by the possibilities there are for explanations of existence, but I am always held back by the inner conviction that the explanations are really wishful thinking.
Vogons are described as "one of the most unpleasant races in the galaxy—not actually evil, but bad-tempered, bureaucratic, officious and callous", and having "as much sex appeal as a road accident" as well as being the authors of "the third worst poetry in the universe".
If you mean is there other life out there, somewhere, I find it inconceivable, with the incomprehensible vastness of the universe, with the millions of galaxies, that there can’t be life out there somewhere.

If you mean have we been visited by aliens in spacecraft….nah.
"You never will see a convincing UFO, William. Reading all the crap in the world just won't change that."
How can you predict that someone will never see a flying object which is inexplicable? Think about it.
Atheist yup I too am fascinated by the possibilities there are for explanations of existence. us humans can only comprehend such a minute fraction of things beyond our rational thought. It's all fascinating to think of

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Are Ufos Real ?. I Mean Aliens.

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