Are Ufos Real ?. I Mean Aliens.

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William51 | 14:47 Fri 18th Jun 2021 | Science
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I hve not yet but would would like to see a convincing UFO to find out if they are real. There is so much evidence of sightings and odd occurrencies that make them a possibility. Have you seen one ?. Or what do you think ?.


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Yeah Dave I really do think it’s highly likely. (Even tho I’ve never seen a “ufo” of any description Humans have tentatively “explored” (I used the term loosely) a mere fraction of the cosmos. We’ve no idea what else is out there. I just find it feasible that there’s other life forms out there too.
20:04 Fri 18th Jun 2021
Are UFO's real? Well yes there are always going to be unidentied Flying Objects in the air, but personally I dont think they come from outer space.

Are Aliens real? Depends what you mean by that, is there intelligent life from outer space on earth - nope (well apart from Zuckerberg) but as to whether life exists outside of earth I reckon there's a good possibility. What that lifeform or whether it is 'intelligent' is another question of course. And no it wont be green with two heads!
id say they exist somewhere, but why come here..we are so backward we radiate out own planet.
Arksided \\ As for being visited (Hoaxers aside) I believe 'they've never left... \\

Interesting. So is it ur opinion that “they” live amongst us?

View Michael tellinger on YouTube - he has some interesting ideas as to the origin of man
I think someone's been watching "Prometheus". (it wasn't a documentary!)
Eve, i'll give that a look. :-)

I was so disapointed with 'Prometheus' I don't mean the Ark Angel either.
Davebro, are you aware that most of the scentific facts have come from Science Fiction books etc... a bit of a side step but wondered where your brain is at...?
I think aliens came thousands of years ago, stayed quite a while, and then left again.

I have seen a UFO
on broad daylight. I’ve no idea what it was or where it came from but I’ve never seen anything like it before or since.
Like naomi24. Litchfield 1965 5.45 pm. 500ft up light brown hexagonal object leisurely going across the sky. Looked metallic, obviously powered by some soundless source. Watched it for five minutes as it slowly disappeared. Three witnesses. Daylight.
Naomi, would you be comfortable telling us what you saw?
dave; but was it "sinister?"
I am convinced that defying all known laws of physics, they must come from another dimension, the spiritual dimension, and if not angelic, and it seems they are not, then demonic.
Theland; we are in the Science category, not the spirit category!
Interesting, I resisted going into interdimentional beings, that belongs on another thread IMO, oweing respect to Williams OP.

Besides I think Davebro is try to cover his own tracks and his kin have being spotted about.
Sinister Atheist? Not in the least. Just going about it’s business whatever that was. More like a gentle cruise.
Sorry, dave. As a fiction writer, I can't see a dark blob without interpreting it as a "sinister black orb."
Yes, atheist. It was a silver ball - I’d guess about 20 or 30 feet in diameter moving absolutely silently in what appeared to be a definite trajectory just above the rooftops of a four storey block of flats. It looked metallic and the sun was glinting on what appeared to be glass at the top front. As it passed overhead we ran across the road to follow its path over the rooftops as far as we could. No drones in those days and it definitely wasn’t any sort of balloon. If you can imagine a ball being thrown a long way that’s exactly how it travelled - except it wasn’t a ball.
Theland, I think they were God and his crew.
I sometimes speculate, time travel tourists, dimension tours? Alien overlords checking on their flocks/experiment etc.
If aliens do exist I hope they don't come here for they will surely be killed.
We can't live peacefully with our own kind, no chance for aliens - unless they elimate us first
If they come on AB though, they may want to save us all.

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Are Ufos Real ?. I Mean Aliens.

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