Are You Fine To Receive The Covid Vaccine While Infected With The Mono Virus?

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cm97 | 17:23 Fri 11th Jun 2021 | Science
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My friend has had the mono virus for about one month. Will he be fine receiving the vaccine? Thank you!


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Ask the doctor.
Yes, he should be fine.
Yes, it's perfectly safe for him to have any of the vaccines currently in use.
The prof. I was thinking about you a moment ago - you weren't in the news today were you?
bednobs, thanks for asking. I've already got a title that I'm happy with that's one of the highest in the land from previous work I've done. The title is already more senior to some of those in the news today.

The reality is that I've turned down another this year which would have put me in an exclusive "club" with limited membership that needs someone to die before someone can join. I find it macabre.

Since this crisis began, I believe that credit should go to to the younger, remarkably talented people that have made a real impact during this crisis and have become household names as a consequence. My work has involved leading a talented hand-picked team in a certain military research laboratory which has been at the forefront of Covid research without the usual publicity.

MrsProf tells me I've already got my fair share of titles and she's probably right. I really don't need anymore.
I saw a professor from around south central who got an honor and wondered if it were you
Not me, no.

I wonder if theprof was honoured in the Queens birthday list?
See the answer above barsel
The Prof = bednobs in disguise. Come on, you know it's true. The Prof don't exist!
bednobs Sorry I didn't know that's what you meant, I don't know what south central is.
There was a professor from Liverpool University that was given an honour.
UK legislation defines imperial measures in terms of metric units.
Ignore that!

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Are You Fine To Receive The Covid Vaccine While Infected With The Mono Virus?

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