How Can A Doctor Request Training In Major Hospitals Outside His Country?

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Mii_Ranna | 00:18 Fri 11th Jun 2021 | Science
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so here we are, my uncle is a general doctor, he took his doctor certification and begin his work on hospital fifteen years ago. he wants to ask for training in any big hospital in France, he asked me to help them.

the thing is I have no idea about that kind of proceed, should he asked for a training ship, or for a temporary job. should he write a letter? and is there any problem?

I already searched in google about that and I didn't find any related results. please guide me, very thankful for any effort and I appreciate your time.


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You've not stated which country you and, more importantly, your uncle live in though. The wording of your post suggests to me that you might be in India (or elsewhere in Asia). Here in the UK and, to the best of my knowledge, in France too, general practitioners don't work in hospitals. The only job vacancies for doctors in hospitals are for specialists (e.g. in oncology, anaesthesia, surgery or acute care). So your uncle would need to qualify within a specialism before seeking work in a French hospital.

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How Can A Doctor Request Training In Major Hospitals Outside His Country?

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